My India

Just before Dubai, I was in India! A little context first, in the UK only my mum, dad, brother and I live here, meaning all my family are back in India. So, it was finally time to make a family trip and be reunited with everyone. This time round, my parents chose to show me […]

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The Essence of Dubai

I was in Dubai for a mere four days, but I will never forget those four days. I’ll admit I was an epitome of a stereotypical tourist, but in all honestly, sometimes you just have to be one. I went to Dubai from India after visiting all my family and I continued from Mumbai to […]

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Skydive Dubai

When I started this blog, I also started my bucket list. Now on this list there are some more life altering things such as getting a tattoo, skydiving, learning to swim ( it’s a little embarrasing) and then scuba diving, experiences that would stay with me for the rest of my life. As soon as […]

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